Sloopy's Revenge 2024: Bigfoot Rides Again!
General Info

General Info


You are welcome to bring your own grill but it should be extinguished when leaving your campsite. We will have a gas grill and a portable propane grill for campers to cook on.

There are no refrigerators for public use (might have a dorm fridge). Plan to bring coolers for your perishable items if you can. A few extra coolers will be on hand for community use. We will make a daily ice run.

Water is available outside the barn. There will be an outdoor sink for washing hands, dishes, etc.

Most major carriers typically have decent cell/data service at the camp. If you need access to Wi-Fi, email and we will see what can be done.

Electricity will be available near the barn for phone charging, etc.

A portable toilet will be on site for use by campers. An outdoor shower tent with heated water will be available for showers. The water heater is only 6 gallons so make them quick!.

There are coyotes, racoons and other woodland creatures in the area. Do not leave food unattended outside at night.

What’s local:

Terry’s Grocery, Gas and Pizza (3.5 miles) – Pizza, Wings, Sandwiches, Deli, Beer, Ice, Groceries, Ice Cream. Voted Best Pizza in Cincinnati even though it’s an hour from Cincinnati.

The town of Lynchburg (6 miles) – There is a Dollar General, a couple of diners and a bar. There is also a gas station called 1st Stop. See my thoughts on that below…

The town of Mt. Orab (12 miles) – Kroger Marketplace and Grocery Store, state liquor store, multiple restaurants and a hotel

The town of Fayetteville (7 miles) – Kiley’s Market (Gas, Beer, Carryout, GREAT Fried Chicken!) a pizza place, Dollar General and a bar


The area is littered with 1st Stop gas stations. I not going to say bad things about their gas. I will say you should go to Terry’s for gas. Or Kroger. Or Shell. Or BP. I think you get me…


Registered participants will receive an email a few days before the event with the address of the camp and the link to the routes. If you need an approximate location, it is about 6 miles south of the town of Lynchburg, Ohio.

One last thing.  So that we are all on the same page… This year, like every year, Sloopy’s Revenge is a “bring your own experience” rally.  You will be provided a place to throw down a tent or park a car (#vanlife), a porta-potty to use and 3 routes around Ohio. Everything else is on you.  Feel free to join us for the whole 4 day weekend, just one ride or anything in between.  Just make sure you register, sign a waiver when you get here, come ride with us during the day and hang out around a campfire with us at night. It’s guaranteed that you will make some new friends who share this love we have for scootering.