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Back for another year is Sloopy’s Revenge 2022: Rumspringa! presented by Modern Ohio Realty.

Last year’s moving rally was a huge success with great riding and even better camaraderie. However, the feedback received was that packing up your campsite every morning, riding 120+ miles and pitching camp again every day was a little much. Therefore, our title sponsor for the 2nd year in a row, Modern Ohio Realty, has offered up his family farm in north central Ohio for this event. This location is right in the heart of Ohio’s Amish community near Big Prairie, OH and we can’t wait!

This is a camping rally and the camping is PRIMITIVE! There is electric and water on the property in a centralized area, but we won’t have a bunch of extension cords and hoses running through the cow pastures. Please plan accordingly. We will have one indoor shower and toilet available to us plus a Porta-Potty to handle restroom needs. That being said, if sleeping on the ground is not for you, there are campgrounds and hotels very close to the site for alternative accommodations. We will provide a start time and route each day. A ride will be led with gas stops, food stops and rest stops. Where you sleep and what you eat when we get done riding is on you. We don’t have a lot of post ride activities planned at the campground because we like to plan longer epic rides and use the evening to socialize and recover from the day. However, I am sure there will be plenty of entertainment knowing some of people who are already planning to come.

We will have a registration fee this year that will include a T-shirt and other goodies. That’s here.

Please be sure your bike can run 50 mph easily as we will be running some state highways and want everyone to be safe. If you have less than a 125cc engine, you may have trouble keeping up. It’s not a race but it’s also not a parade.

Day 1 – Thursday, Aug 4th – We will head east through Amish Country

Day 2 – Friday, Aug 5th – We will head to the southwest toward Mohican State Forest

Day 3 – Saturday, Aug 6th – Northward toward Akron and the Cuyahoga National Park

Day 4 – Sunday, Aug 7th – No formal ride planned this day but we would like to have a big sendoff pancake breakfast before everyone packs up and leaves.

If you have and are willing to bring a gas grill, please reach out to the organizers.

If primitive camping is not your style, there are many other choices available. Look for Bed & Breakfasts, VRBO, Airbnb, Hotels and Campgrounds near Nashville, OH.

Campgrounds – Book early! If you haven’t tried to camp post COVID, know that reservations are hard to come by.

If Hotels are your thing, here are a few:

More questions? Post it on the Facebook event.